Madeira PolyNeon 40 Polyester Cone (single)


Madeira PolyNeon 40 Polyester Cone (single)


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  • PolyNeon 40 is Madeira's well established Polyester embroidery thread
  • PolyNeon is made using special winding methods, unique to Madeira, which guarantee it will run outstandingly well at high speeds without looping often associated with other Polyester embroidery threads
  • A further advantage PolyNeon thread is its wonderful shine, almost approaching the brilliance of Madeira Classic - better than any other Polyester embroidery thread
  • PolyNeon is dyed using special dye processes, making it extremely resistant to chlorine, bleaches and industrial laundering
  • Chlorine treatments up to 30 minutes
  • At temperature up to 30°C
  • With up to 20g Chlorine/litre water
  • Thread thickness: No. 40
  • Recommended needle size: 65-75
  • Maximum washing temperature: 95°C

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Black 1800, Blue 1829, Blue 1893, Blue 1977, Blue-1733, Brown-1659, Burnt Orange-1621, Cerise-1984, Dark Blue 1976, Dark Cream 1884, Emerald-1750, FL Lime 1950, FL Orange 1946, Gold 1951, Gold 1955, Gold-1772, Green-1988, Grey 1811, Grey 1918, Grey-1615, Ice Blue-1675, Leaf Green-1749, Lemon-1735, Light Jade-1799, Light Navy 1966, Light Navy 1967, Mauve-1880, Navy 1844, Off White 1802, Orange 1965, Pale Blue-1874, Red 1838, Red 1839, Red-1637, Royal 1843, Royal Blue 1842, Royal Blue 1934, Silver Grey 1812, Silver Grey-1610, Silver-1611, Straw-1771, Tangerine-1765, Turquoise-1797, Violet 1922, White 1801, White 1805, Yellow 1924, Yellow 1971, Yellow 1980




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